Health is our true wealth. At Way of Life Nourishment, we strive to bring the most
fresh and nutritious juices, smoothies and nut milks directly to you.

Treat yourself to something exceptional

Quality of our products is our top priority. We use 100% organic and wildcrafted ingredients in all of our products and this is never compromised at any cost. All our juices are hydraulically cold-pressed to provide you with the highest quality beverage filled with vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. Our 3 cleanse programs were carefully created in cooperation with Naturopathic Doctor to provide a balanced nourishment while rejuvenating your body and mind.

We truly believe in the many great benefits of juicing and blending of organic fruits, herbs, vegetables, nuts and seeds. We want to allow everyone to incorporate these into their way of life. That is why we will never request a minimum purchase order amount from you. If you feel that just one juice, smoothie or nut milk is all you need to increase your happiness and well-being, then that is what we will deliver to you.

Freshness delivered directly to you during the time that fits your schedule

We deliver daily Monday through Friday and provide you with various time options in order to put you in charge of when you will receive your bottle(s) full of organic goodness. This will also allow us to create the products just for you rather than do a bulk production. We believe that delivery charges should play no role in one’s decision to bring organic juices, smoothies and nut milks into their way of life. That is why we provide our delivery services at a flat fee of just $2.75 (to cover our costs) anywhere within our service area and regardless of the quantity purchased.

We also offer a convenient morning pick-up location (without charging for delivery) across the road from Oakville’s Trafalgar GO Station to allow you to pick up your bottle(s) on your way to train or bus. By the way, thank you for choosing public transit.

Juicing and blending for you but always with our environment on mind

Majority of our organic waste goes straight to the compost and local farming. However, it is the inorganic waste that concerns us much more. That is why we are very proud to provide all of our products in reusable glass bottles. You can either return the bottles during your next delivery/pick-up or we will gladly come and pick them up at no extra charge if you are returning 5 or more and have no deliveries scheduled.

“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them to discover it within themselves.” - Galileo Galilei

You reward your body, we reward you

You will enjoy becoming a healthier you even more when you learn about our customer loyalty program. In fact, you might be part of it already. As soon as you make your first purchase, your account becomes part of our loyalty program. $5 loyalty credit will be automatically deposited to your account for each $300 worth of completed purchases. You can take as long as needed to reach this threshold since the running total from your prior orders never expires.

Note: Only the value of actual products purchased is considered towards the loyalty target (i.e. delivery fees, bottle deposit fees, and sales tax are not being accumulated).